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Tips for Making the Best Impression

*** This is a guest blog post by Amber Hooper ***

I applied for a job with Juvenile Corrections approximately a year ago. At that time I had to go through several different interviews before I got the job. Through that experience I took away a few important tips that will be helpful when interviewing for a job in corrections.

Essentials for Writing Your First CV as a Correctional Officer

*** This is a guest blog post by Michael McPherson ***

Being a correctional officer is a tough gig, and you will need the right qualifications and experience to get a job, but you are otherwise in luck. People around the world are crying out for correctional officers, so you are very likely to get a job, even if it is on a reserve or time-bank basis. Here is how you get your CV noticed.

8 Career Tips Your Career Counselor Hasn’t Told You

*** This is a guest blog post from Amy Klimek, HR recruiter and VP of Human Resources for ZipRecruiter ***


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