Tips for Making the Best Impression

*** This is a guest blog post by Amber Hooper ***

I applied for a job with Juvenile Corrections approximately a year ago. At that time I had to go through several different interviews before I got the job. Through that experience I took away a few important tips that will be helpful when interviewing for a job in corrections.

  1. Appearance: Dress up for your interview. The interviewer should never out dress the interviewee, it should always be the other way around.
  2. Be Prepared: Know the details of the job description. Do your research on the facility and how it operates. Know before you go into the interview their mission statement and philosophy. Philosophy may differ from facility to facility. Even if you have past experience, know how things run at the facility where you are interviewing.
  3. Ask Questions: From the moment you meet the interviewer or panel be open to asking questions even if they cannot answer them all. Be interested in learning as much as you can about YOUR future work placement.
  4. Know Policy and Procedure: Look at policy and procedure on-line before your interview if you can and refer to it during the interview. Correctional facilities will always rely on policy and procedure.
  5. Be Confident: This is important, the interview panel needs to know you can hold your own and are not intimidated. Give a firm hand shake and look each panel member in the eye when you talk. Remember being confident does not mean being arrogant.

If you utilize these five suggestions, your interview should go pretty smoothly. They aren't a guarantee you will get the job, but they are things the interview panel will look for in future employees.

*** Amber Hooper currently works at Deschutes County Juvenile Detention, OR. ***

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