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6 Reasons Why Your Health is Vital to Your Correctional Career

Health Physical Fitness

In our previous blog post, we discussed the signs of healthy organizational culture to look for in potential employers. Not only is health of an organization important, but your health as an employee can be a vital component of your career success.

Taking a Potential Employer’s Pulse: 5 Signs of Healthy Organizational Culture

Take Pulse Medical Health

When you are applying for a job, employers use many methods and techniques to ascertain your ability to meet the position’s qualifications. Employers are also trying to determine your health—as in, are you an employee that adds to the team or creates a toxic environment? Do you seem to exhibit signs of stable mental health? But did you ever stop to think that maybe you should be the one taking the pulse of potential employers? How do you know the employer that you are applying to is worth working for?

What is a Peace Officer and POST Certification?

Peace Officer Badge POST Peace Officer Standards Training

Today we are going to cover a question that we have received many times from users. So, Christopher, S. Nichole, and whoever else has asked about this, this blog post is for you!


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