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Management Made Easy: 5 Simple Methods to Motivate Your Employees

A Person Who Feels Appreciated Will Always Do More Than What Is Expected.

As a manager, one of the most difficult parts of your job may be motivating your employees. Does your management style include motivational techniques that actually work? We have 5 tactics to use to motivate your employees in the right way.

Maximizing Personal and Professional Development Through Correctional Specialization in a Confinement Facility

Staff Trainer Corrections

Guest blog post: Want to take your corrections career to the next level? Find out what corrections specialization can do for you, including how to groom yourself for taking on new responsibilities, examples of potential specialized roles, and Do's and Don'ts for specialization success.

5 Uncommon Ways to Boost Your Job Chances

Man Thinking Pondering

When you’re trying to find a job, sometimes you have to think outside the box. Considering the average job listing can have approximately 100-200 applicants, competition is fierce and you want to stand out for the right reasons.


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