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The Secret Ingredient for Increasing Retention

I Love My Job Sign

There’s 1 make-or-break component that will determine whether or not your organization faces a low or high percentage of retention. We'll fill you in on what it is and tips to reap the rewards of retention.

Less Stress, More Success: 8 Strategies for Effective Probation, Parole or Pretrial Court Testimony

Court probation parole pretrial

If you work as a probation, parole or pretrial services officer, you may be required to testify in court, which can be terrifying for some. Learn how to survive and thrive in a court environment with our 8 tips for stress-free and successful court testimony.

How Correctional Employers can Reduce Corrections Fatigue in Their Workforce

Work Stress Corrections Fatigue

Employers, are your employees experiencing corrections fatigue? Would you recognize the tell-tale signs of corrections fatigue? Employers play a significant role in reducing the incidence of corrections fatigue in their workforce. Learn how you can spot the symptoms and reduce the likelihood of negative changes in employee personality, habits, workplace competency, and attendance record.


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