Charlene R.

Program Coordinator
Maricopa County Adult Probation

I come from a rather large family, thirteen kids. People would always say, “Wow, you have your own basketball team!” But, in reality we had our own service organization!

Growing up, not only were we taught to be good people; but we were brought up to really get involved in our church, our neighborhood, in our community. Because of this upbringing, I have always enjoyed working and serving in all capacities. I love community service so much! I share my love for it with the people I interact with each day. Many times over the last forty years of my life I have helped with or been involved in service organizations no matter where I have lived.

I began my career with the Adult Probation Department (APD) in 2007, as a Judicial Clerk Associate. I soon learned there was a fabulous Community Restitution Program in APD, with an opening for a Program Coordinator. I applied, went through the interview process and will never forget shedding tears of joy when I was offered this fun, unique and interesting position. I saw in my mind’s eye the difference that could be made working together for the greater good of those we would serve. I have since witnessed many unique changes and affects that community service has had on individuals, whether it has been the one serving or the one on the receiving end.

I have personally discovered my greatest strengths in serving others and truly believe it is the best investment one can ever make. Planning and participating in community service projects and helping them come to fruition is refreshing and energizing. If you haven’t already tried it, GET INVOLVED helping in your community, you’ll LOVE it!

Our probation clients complete their community service hours by sewing quilts for the Crisis Center, cleaning up yards for the elderly or indigent, filling sand bags for the City, weaving cuddle rugs for the Animal Rescue shelters, assembling food boxes for needy families, painting over graffiti, cleaning neighborhood alleys. They maintain landscaping at cemeteries, build gardens for the disadvantaged, clean up many, many parks and so much more- they continue to make a difference, one day at a time… they bloom!

I, too, have bloomed and planted my roots firmly in a program that I believe in and truly enjoy.

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