Charles R.

Staff Duty Officer - Adult Detention Center
Loundon County Sheriff’s Office

Known for his operational knowledge and problem-solving expertise, 1st Lt. Richardson has been called “indispensible.” Early last year, his agency added 118,000 square feet and 350 beds. The agency also recalled more than 200 inmates contracted out to other facilities. Determined to make what staff he had work in the larger, more highly populated facility, he recommended a new staffing plan—not an easy task, It came at a time of significant stress for staff as they trained to occupy and operate the new section as well as manage additional duties and inmates and establish more inmate programs.

Last June, the region suffered a severe weather event during which lightning disabled a transformer. The facility backup generator then malfunctioned, leaving the facility with limited auxiliary battery backup power. There was no air conditioning, and lighting was extremely limited. The communication booster systems also malfunctioned. Although this was the first such incident, 1st Lt. Richardson performed calmly and efficiently, displaying an extraordinary ability to manage the emergency and solve problems beyond his area of expertise.
In addition, 1st Lt. Richardson recently assumed a leadership role in preparing his agency for PREA and introduced the idea of a Facility Research Committee that would visit other facilities to compare operations.

A former U.S. Marine, 1st Lt. Charles Richardson’s professional experience spans more than 25 years and also includes service with the U.S. State Department, District of Columbia Department of Corrections, and Prince William County [Virginia] Regional Jail.

Of 1st Lt. Richardson, a colleague wrote “[He] is one of those rare employees who combine efficiency and productivity with dependability and knowledge. He has proven that there is literally no facet of corrections of which he is not a qualified practitioner.”

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