Christen H.

Corrections Analyst
Arlington County Sheriff’s Office

Most would say I was the typical college student…couldn’t figure out what path to take or what subject to major in. After a few years of trying to figure it all out I realized that studying Physical Education was not for me. I wasn’t challenged nor was I intrigued. I took a year off of school to think about whether school was for me and if it was, what would really challenge me and make me think. I remembered when I was younger I had always been fascinated by the F.B.I. so naturally I quickly turned my focus to the Criminal Justice field.

In 2007, I was hired by the Arlington County Sheriff’s Office as the Administrative Assistant to the Director of Corrections. Knowing that I did not want to be a sworn officer right away or ever, I knew I would have to begin my career by getting my foot in the door. I was very grateful when I heard about the Administrative Assistant opening because I knew this was my chance to start the beginning of my life!

I continued my schooling as I worked. While working in the Detention Facility, I soon realized that criminal justice was in fact the field I would begin my future in. Everything about working in the jail challenged my thinking and I loved that.

In 2008, I finally graduated school (which seemed to have been the longest stretch of schooling I had ever been through) with a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice Administration.

While still working as the Administrative Assistant, I realized I did not want to do that for the rest of my life. I knew I had to begin applying for different positions but also knew I enjoyed working at the Sheriff’s Office. In February 2009, the Corrections Analyst position became available. I was excited because I qualified for this position due to my degree. I applied for the position and a few weeks later found out I got the job!

My job is extremely challenging in all aspects. I have several significant responsibilities as a Corrections Analyst, the most important being the facilities Accreditation Manager. It is my responsibility to make sure we pass our audits and that we abide by specific standards as well as policies and procedures. Passing an audit is one of the most satisfying feelings one could have!!! In addition to accreditation, I keep track of certain trends throughout the jail by creating and updating specific reports. Other responsibilities include, coordinating and giving tours throughout the facility, updating Annual Reports, and helping with assigned projects.

Two years of being the Corrections Analyst for the Arlington County Sheriff’s Office has been a very rewarding job and I look forward to the future and what it holds!

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