David R.

Director - Tribal Public Safety Training
Fox Valley Technical College - Tribal Probation Academy

I entered the criminal justice field as a police officer in 1974 and served in several agencies, including tribal agencies, during 16 years of service. I attained the ranks of Lieutenant, Captain and Chief of Police. An injury ended my law enforcement career and I was fortunate to become a Community Corrections Officer for Clark County, Vancouver, Washington.

During my time as a Probation Officer I served as a Recognition Officer, PSI Investigator, Supervising Probation Officer and Electronic Home Monitoring Officer. After ten years as a Probation Officer, I became the Program Manager for the Indian Country training initiatives for the COPS Office, Dept. of Justice with the Western Community Policing Center. I then assumed similar duties with Fox Valley Technical College where I developed the Tribal Probation Academy (TPA), to respond to the need for basic training that is often not available to Tribal Probation Officers due to the complexities of jurisdiction in Indian County. The TPA offers 4 weeks of probation training in an academy setting. The growth and evolution of the TPA has led to federal funding assistance by the BJA for Tribal Probation Officers to attend this program.

For a combined total of 13 years I have been traveling throughout Indian Country in the United States providing training in many areas of law enforcement, community policing, probation, Native gangs and drug traffic. My development of the Tribal Probation Academy has led me into many partnerships and collaborative programs with APPA. Together we have taken huge strides in improving the world of Probation for the Tribes of the United States.

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