Cpl. Francisco Reyes

Training Corporal
Imperial County Sheriff’s Office

Cpl. Francisco Reyes literally “grew up” in the Imperial County Sheriff’s Office. Becoming a member of the agency’s Explorer program in 1990, he was hired as a Correctional Officer in 1997 and later promoted to Corporal in 2010. During these 20-plus years, he was exposed to all aspects of the Sheriff’s Office and its various Divisions; he has worked all positions and served as Watch Commander.

Currently, Cpl. Reyes is assigned as the Training Corporal and has taken his Division to a new level. Even during these tight budgetary times, he does not let the lack of funding hamper training initiatives. He has developed partnerships with neighboring agencies and works diligently at team training to reduce costs. He also introduced interactive, participative training to ensure staff involvement. Because of his efforts, Imperial County has received high marks in all its training inspections and audits and continues to exceed the State’s minimum standards.

In addition, Cpl. Reyes is assigned to the agency’s new Inmate Behavior Management (IBM) Team and has participated in team training sponsored by the National Institute of Corrections (NIC). Before NIC training, he had been exposed only to remote podular housing, and the concept of inmate management was foreign to him. The transition from inmate warehousing to inmate management has been a challenge, but it has resulted in great personal growth and a new image. He is now an essential leader in the agency’s future as it continues to implement IBM.

Cpl. Reyes is commended for stepping up to the challenge, even when it was foreign and uncomfortable. Coming full circle, he now serves as a team leader for the same Explorer program of which he had been a member.

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