Jeremie R.

I started my career in 1997 after interning for Chisago County, MN. Chisago County had a position open up and I was lucky enough to be selected. From there on I have worked diligently to broaden my experience. I have supervised caseloads in multiple counties varying from Petty Misdemeanor Diversions, all the way to Repeat Felony level offenders. I have worked with Sexual Specific offenders as well as Intensive or Enhanced Supervision case loads over the last 14 years.

Early on in my scholastic endeavors I knew I wanted to be in a position that helped people. I originally pursued becoming a police officer. Then one day I met a professor who changed my life. Dr. Jackola taught my undergraduate Philosophy class. He spoke about being a probation officer and the flexibility in work hours due to the nature of the job. I instantly found myself attracted to the field of probation and have never looked back. In fact I recently got my Masters Degree from the University of Cincinnati in Criminal Justice Research and Advanced Studies and am currently pursuing Supervisory positions. As a probation officer I get fulfillment in facilitating change and making a positive difference in people’s lives.

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