Les S.

Brown County Court Services

In 10th grade I asked for a pass out of study hall to go down to the counselor's office to look at career fields. I paged though a very large book about different types of work and came upon the job of a "Probation Officer." It said you "have to supervise criminal offenders and help them to stay out of trouble." I thought to myself that this would be an exciting field to work in, however, the reality was I came from a low income family and the money just wasn't there for college. After graduating High School I worked several jobs that had potential for advancement, but ended up bartending at a local establishment. I was bored during the day and started taking college classes, paying my way as I went. Before I knew it I had earned an AA degree and went on to a State College to obtain my degree in Criminal Justice Studies.

I worked for a few years as a counselor in a residential program for troubled adolescents and a college friend contacted me about a probation opening in a small rural community. I had never ventured south of Minneapolis, let alone in the Southwest corner of this fine State. I interviewed and ended up getting the job as an adult/juvenile probation officer. Eight years later I moved several counties over and accepted the job of Director of the Probation Department in New Ulm, MN. This county is progressive and the probation staff are great to work with. I have been in this field for 26 years and still like assisting offenders change their lives and live a crime free lifestyle. Not many can say they have enjoyed their career every day they go to work, but I am very happy to report that I have.

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