Shareef M.

Drug Court Counselor
Maricopa Adult Probation

I began my career in corrections with Arizona Juvenile Corrections in Phoenix, Arizona as a Youth Corrections Officer in 1998. In 1999, I transferred to the Maricopa Juvenile Detention Center as a Youth Supervisor and was assigned to a specialized unit that housed intensive supervision probationers who had violated the terms and conditions of supervision. During that time, while working in that specialized unit, I was able to develop a substance abuse program that I was later able to offer throughout the facility. In September, 2001, I was promoted to Adult Probation Counselor and was assigned to the Community Punishment Program. Unfortunately, my promotional assignment was cut short by 9-11. I was subsequently mobilized and deployed for 2 years with the Arizona National Guard.

In October 2003, I returned to my position as a non -licensed Substance Abuse Counselor for the department. After working in this position for approximately three years I transferred to the Assessment and Referral Unit for completion of an in-house internship and Master’s program. A second call to duty came in 2007 as an Army Protective Service Agent for American dignitaries which meant deployment to Afghanistan. In 2008, after my deployment, I once again returned to the department .The following year I completed my internship and Degree. I was later promoted to my current position as a Drug Court Counselor. Presently, I hold a State Licensure as a General Counselor and Substance Abuse Counselor.

I have been honored to receive departmental pride awards from the Division Director, Clinical Supervisor and Safety Supervisor for my efforts in counseling, training and Veteran’s affairs. My path through the substance abuse field has come full circle. I now provide departmental counseling several blocks from my first residence in Phoenix and the neighbor where I got sober 14 years ago. I cherish the journey and opportunity to give back. It has been a challenging, but yet rewarding career!

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