Sharon H.

Correctional Officer
San Joaquin County Sheriff’s Office

For more than 15 years, Ofc. Sharon has served as a Correctional Officer with the San Joaquin County Sheriff’s Office, where she has clearly demonstrated her dedication and commitment. During her tenure, Ofc. Sharon has positioned herself for special assignments and additional responsibilities. California has seen a significant shift in the operational philosophy of jails. Ofc. Sharon has fully embraced this new perspective and consistently stands out among her colleagues. Selected as the agency’s first Classification Program/Reentry Officer, she assists in policy development and serves as a liaison between program providers, custody staff, and community-based organizations. Ofc. Sharon personally screens, selects, and provides case management for inmates within 90 days of release who pose a high need for intervention. Even though she may not always have the support of colleagues, she forges ahead and gives her best effort every day.

Recently, Ofc. Sharon established a rapport with an inmate who had a minimal history of criminal behavior but who came from an environment of uneducated gang members and street criminals. During his interview, he admitted he could neither read nor write well, but he wanted to finish high school. The young man was placed in the program, where Ofc. Sharon worked closely with him. At one point, the man asked to be transferred out. When Ofc. Sharon heard of his request, she counseled him. With her tireless encouragement, ongoing presence, and high expectations, the young man received his GED before leaving jail.

“This is just one example of Ofc. Sharon’s commitment,” notes one supervisor who adds, “It would take volumes to articulate all of her successes. …Ofc. Sharon consistently performs her duties in an exemplary manner.”

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