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Utah Department of Corrections


The Utah Department of Corrections oversees operations at Utah's two prisons in Draper (USP) and Gunnison (CUCF). There are approximately 6,900 state inmates incarcerated in Utah's prison system at any given time (as of 2013). In addition to housing inmates in Draper and Gunnison, Utah contracts with approximately 20 county jail systems, using their empty beds to house state inmates. The state pays the counties a daily rate for the use of those beds, and the state continues to pay for ancillary costs such as medical treatment and transportation.

Corrections operates Utah's Adult Probation & Parole services, which supervises offenders living in our communities. Probationers are placed on "paper" or supervision status in lieu of prison. Utah practices indeterminate sentencing, meaning an offender is sentenced to a range of years (e.g. 1-15 years). It then become up to Utah's Board of Pardons & Parole to decide whether to have the offender serve all or part of that time. If the board decides to parole an offender before the entirety of the sentence is served in prison (e.g. after 7 years on a 1-15 sentence), the offender is placed in the community on parole supervision status. This person now lives among the community under certain restrictions through their parole agreement. In addition to following the laws that bind the general public, a parolee must adhere to additional standards. If they violate those terms, they can be placed under more strict standards or be returned to prison. Utah's Board of Pardons and Parole determines when an offender has served sufficient time on parole - at which point the Board "terminates" its interest and the parolee is freed from supervision. An offender can also complete his/her sentence by "expirating," or serving the entire length of the sentence (e.g. 15 of the 1-15 years). While an offender is on probation or parole, AP&P agents scrutinize their activities to hold them accountable and protect public safety, while also seeking to help them obtain work and succeed in the community.

Through AP&P, Corrections also runs halfway houses (Community Correctional Centers) and a Parole Violator Center (a halfway-back to prison house for parolees in violation of terms of their parole condition).

Corrections also oversees a Clinical Services Bureau to deliver medical care to inmates and certain services for probationers and parolees. There are infirmaries on site in both the Draper and Gunnison prisons designed to offer services, administer tele-medicine, and stabilize seriously injured inmates in emergent situations before sending them to the hospital.

The department also has a wing that operates Correctional Industries, through which the state employs incarcerated individuals and enables them to provide certain goods and services to the community. The vast majority of these affordable products and services are focused on the public sector in order to limit the impact on tax-funded budgets and avoid competition with the private sector out of respect for their for-profit enterprises. Correctional Industries is self-funded, meaning all money generated by its goods and services go back in to funding its operations and equipment. Most importantly, the work conducted by UCI allows it to hire more offenders and prepare them to re-enter society equipped with real-world work skills and a resume.

Corrections also operates a Training Academy to prepare its new recruits to serve in the agency, as well as to provide in-service training to existing officers and agents. Additionally, Corrections has an in-house investigative wing, called the Law Enforcement Bureau, which employs investigators and contract monitors who ensure county jail functions meet state expectations.

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