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The GEO Group, Inc.

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Mental Health Counselor- Milledgeville, GA

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Job Description:



This position provides counseling services to offenders with a diverse and complex caseload using corporate methods.

Primary Duties and Responsibilities
- Initiates the intake and orientation of newly arrived inmates, and participates in the initial classification and formulation of the Behavior Enhancement / Psychiatric Treatment plan.
- Initiates all transfers back to MDOC; and all discharges and releases back to society.
- Able to identify inmate's needs and concerns and initiate problem identification and problem solving techniques.
- Helps inmates plan a program for reentry into the community emphasizing identification of inmate work skills, interpersonal relationships, leisure activities, life skills, communication etc.
- Provides emotional support and encouragement to inmates and inmate's families.
- Communicates and coordinates activities with other staff members as part of the interdisciplinary treatment team.
- Maintains contact with outside agencies, community resources, employees, volunteers, etc. to implement rehabilitative and/or social services programs to inmates.
- Assists with individual treatment by evaluating patient's functioning, conducting interviews, gathering historical, legal and/or technical data in order to determine and implement the most effective type of intervention.
- Participates in quality assurance review activities.
- Maintains detailed case records and official reports on inmates. Charts and reviews treatment provided; makes recommendations and refers to psychiatrist, psychologist, medical staff and chaplains as needed. Maintains statistics on number and types of inmates seen.
- Reviews records, psychological evaluations and social history assessments. Interviews inmates to present relevant Mental Health information profiles. Serves as a member of the Initial Classification Board on inmates arriving at the facility. Makes appropriate referrals for treatment to the Mental Health Team professionals for those inmates. Serves as a member of the Review and Classifications Boards to provide Mental Health information as it pertains to inmate housing and work assignments.
- Completes reports as necessary.
- Performs other duties as assigned.

Amount of Pay:

Other Qualifications:


Minimum Requirements
• Bachelor's degree in related field and two years of related work experience or a Master's degree in a related field and one year at the lower level or equivalent position.
• Experience working with an offender population is highly desired. 
• Must be mature, professional, cooperative and empathetic to the program needs of the facility and the inmates.


Equal Opportunity Employer



Medical, Dental and Mental Health Services






Community Corrections, Jails & Detention, Prisons & Institutions


Entry-level, Mid-level