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Middlesex Sheriff's Office

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Job Description:

The Middlesex Sheriff’s Office (MSO) is seeking a qualified HVAC Technician to work in a correctional setting.  The applicant must be able to work on a flexible schedule between 6AM and 11PM at the discretion of management.  The position is classified within a collective bargaining agreement.  The applicant will be working in a correctional setting assigned to the Middlesex Jail & House of Correction located in Billerica, MA.


Responsibilities to include but not limited to:  Ability to work within a correctional setting, complying with all institutional policies regarding safety and security.  Ability to maintain and operate all HVAC systems.  This includes ordering, maintaining inventory and changing of all necessary filters.  Must order, maintain and change belts and grease all equipment.  HVAC chillers and hot water boilers must be inspected and maintained on regular basis.  The preparing of all HVAC equipment for inspections as required by the Massachusetts Department of Public Safety.  Must work and interact with the Metasys Building Operations and controls system.  Works directly with Maintenance and Engineering personnel as needed in performing the necessary HVAC functions.  Must have knowledge and be required to work on the basic refrigeration cycle for use of gauges and to identify the difference between high and low pressure applications.  Must understand and work with wiring diagrams and know the difference between low and high voltage controls.  Must understand the three R's of refrigeration which are recover, reclaim and recycle and how to apply this to different applications throughout the correctional facility.  Must have knowledge and know the difference between a water cooled condenser and an air cooled condenser.

            Will be required to work on motor applications such as direct drive, belt driven or gear driven motors.  Must have experience with ice machines, reach in and walk in refrigerators, along with freezers and understanding the basic functionality of this equipment.  Must understand the difference between an open loop and closed loop system and have knowledge of chillers and boilers. Must understand the basic working of a pump, motor, actuator, VAV, VFD, exhaust fan, dampers, split system (ductless or not) and package units.  In addition, must understand how these parts work according to the application it is operating.  Required to perform preventive maintenance on all equipment pertinent to this area including but not limited to: grease, oil, filter change, belt change, clean drain pans, cooling towers, punch tubes and clean condensate pumps.  Ability to keep accurate records and generate timely reports as required.  Perform and/or assist in other facilities and maintenance duties as needed and required by management.


The MSO offers many different health plans. We also offer basic life insurance, long term disability, dental, vision, and flexible spending accounts. The MSO also offers short term disability and different life insurance options through third party vendors including Colonial Life & Trustmark.

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per year

Other Qualifications:

The candidate must have a valid active HVAC license to maintain and operate all HVAC equipment in Massachusetts.  Must have a minimum of 5 years of experience as a licensed HVAC Technician or with a Massachusetts Apprentice Refrigeration license.  The HVAC license must include the ability to operate chillers, hot water boilers, fire dampers, air dampers, and roof top air handler.  Working knowledge of Trane Tracer program, Scada, and Metasys Building Operations and controls system required.  Must have a Universal CFC Certification and at least 30 Hours of OSHA Certified Training Certificate.   Must be a resident of Massachusetts.  Must have an active valid driver’s license and the right to legally operate a motor vehicle in Massachusetts and the ability to pass a criminal background check.  Must have graduated from high school or possess a GED equivalency certificate.  Correctional experience preferred.  Must be able to attend any other training as required by the department. 


Working in a correctional facility on an on call 24/7 basis, weekends, nights, and holidays.  Subject to being forced to work over 8 hours depending on operational needs.  May encounter verbal and physical abuse from offenders; may be required to interact with people who are under physical and/or emotional stress; stand and walk for prolonged periods of time; may be required to work alone in an isolated area; may be required to lift and carry heavy objects up to 100 lbs; may be required to work in adverse weather conditions.

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Maintenance/Operational Services



Work Schedule:

1st Shift




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