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County of El Paso, Texas

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Criminal Justice Director

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Job Description:



The ideal candidate for this position is Collaborative, Experienced, and with Expertise in Pretrial Services.

Bachelor's degree in Criminal Justice or a directly related field from an accredited university or college; and ten (10) years directly related, increasingly responsible executive experience in criminal justice system, including four (4) years of executive/department head level experience.
Or any equivalent combination of education, experience, and training which provides the required knowledge, skills, and abilities.
Certificates and Licenses Required
Must be certified by the National Association of Pre-Trial Services Agencies (NAPSA), or be working towards obtaining the certification within 12 months of hire.
Must have or obtain by date of hire a valid driver's license applicable to job responsibilities, with a driving record acceptable to the County of El Paso.


Administrative Duties:
Provides vision and leadership in coordinating criminal justice activities within the department;
Directs strategizing, planning, organizing, reviewing, designing, and evaluating of the overall operations and development of the department's administration;
Directs department goals and objectives to be consistent with best practices, priorities, policies and procedures approved by Commissioners Court; interprets plans, specifications, standards, policies, procedures, and regulatory statutes and codes;
Is responsible for all administrative, personnel and department operations; provides management, administration, organizational leadership, and team building; plans, assigns, supervises, trains and evaluates the work of professional, technical, and administrative support staff; assigns duties and plans work of others;
Delegates authority and responsibility, and schedules program work on a long-term basis; establishes standards and priorities and ensures they are maintained by others; approves selection of new employees, employee transfer/promotion, discipline, termination, performance evaluations, and personnel actions;   
Maintains a highly competent staff to meet the established needs of the entities; implements personnel
additions, changes or terminations within guidelines set by Commissioners Court and County procedures;
administers and formulates salary and personnel recommendations as they pertain to the department; and
Monitors and oversees department operations to assure that services delivered are in compliance with contract provisions, applicable laws, rules and regulations established by federal, state, and local laws and by applicable standards established by Commissioners Court and the department.
Substantive Pretrial Services Duties:
Oversees and manages the daily operations of employees assigned to interview, investigate, and evaluate clients in the jail to assess their potential risk for flight and re-arrest if released , and determines indigent status for court appointed attorney in accordance with the El Paso District and County Courts Indigent Defense Plan;
Works with the judiciary to recommend appropriate bond conditions; provides oversight of staff making recommendations on bonds and related issues, oversees and manages employees assigned to supervise and maintain contact with those released on bail containing conditions; and oversees and manages recommendations related to changing conditions of release or revoking bonds;
Maintains familiarity with State Jail Standards, Indigent Defense statutes and regulations, criminal statutes related to bail, conditions of release and supervision; national best practices;
Ensures work is performed in accordance with laws, policies and procedures;
Coordinates the collection and preparation of statistical data for the Office of Criminal Justice Coordination;
Compiles and prepares monthly and annual reports summarizing departmental activity for all programs and processes;
Represents the department and makes presentations and recommendations to the Commissioners Court; represents the department and/or county with customers and media;  works with and makes presentations to the judiciary,  elected county officials, county departments, state and municipal officials, citizen groups and other policy-making entities regarding current and future development, planning, designing, of the Office of Criminal Justice Coordination;
Establishes and maintains effective public relations in a complex environment involving technical and non-technical personnel; responds to inquiries from the public, regulatory agencies, or members of the professional community; responds to, analyzes, and resolves difficult inquiries, grievances, or complaints;
Works with those who are technically qualified to perform complex studies, analysis, designs, technical research, calculations, computations, and prepares estimates, plans, and reports; stays abreast of new trends and innovations in the field; develops more efficient methods; develops managerial and technical talent in the staff; evaluates personnel and organizational structure; acts as chief contact between the Office of Criminal Justice Coordination and those outside the department;
Is responsible for assuring that all the Office of Criminal Justice Coordination employees do not disclose or share confidential information obtained through or developed in the course and scope of their employment duties without the consent of the judiciary; participates in policy development for the program while enforcing adherence to existing policies and procedures; ensures a high level of professionalism and ethics within the office.
Collaborates with and provides expert judgment to staff regarding judicially proposed action or recommendations and/or to determine a plan of action for unusual or difficult cases or defendants;
Serves as a liaison with the courts, prosecutor's offices, the Sheriff's department and all other County departments, elected officials and outside agencies that interact with the Office of Criminal Justice Coordination;
Coordinates the implementation of new projects, mandates or court ordered polices and/or procedures regarding bond conditions and other program issues;
Leads statistical evaluation efforts of the jail population on a regular basis to identify problems and business process improvements for the El Paso County's Adult Detention facilities;
Monitors justice-related legislation for its potential impact on the local justice systems and recommends justice-related legislative priorities to the Chief Administrator;
Looks for opportunities to advance sentencing alternatives to the judges, to include re-entry programs, electronic monitoring, day reporting and other sentencing alternatives and services.
Designs, coordinates, and oversees the implementation of projects; and
Monitors and ensures compliance of County funds under the control of the Commissioners Court to include operational and intergovernmental contracts including grants; assists in the writing of grants for the department.
Budget Duties:
Is responsible for making financial recommendations on capital purchases, annual budget, and expense allocations; oversees financial planning for departmental functions and needs in concurrence with Commissioners Court approvals;
Works with Commissioners Court, Elected Officials and their staff, department staff and other county staff, and partner agencies to establish priorities and set schedules and budgets for timely completion of projects;
Works with Purchasing Department and provides input and makes recommendations to Commissioners Court, Elected Officials and departments on best alternatives for awarding contracts to competing vendors and contractors; negotiates and oversees contracts as assigned; and
Assures that department recommendations that have been approved by Commissioners Court are carried out or complied with; forecast personnel and financial needs of all activities; keeps abreast of developments that affect the functions performed in each reporting section of the department.
General Expectations:
Commits to providing excellent customer service through cooperative team and individual efforts; and
Creates a high quality work culture through participation in and emphasis on training and mentoring to develop leadership, management, and technical skills in self and all employees, including safety related training and skills.
Other Important Duties
Performs other related duties as may be assigned by the Executive Director of Justice and Community Support;
Maintains a safe, healthy, and harmonious work place environment;
Available for work beyond standard workday or workweek hours as necessary;
Prepared for regular out of town travel for professional conferences, testifying before the legislature and meetings; and
As members of the County of El Paso Emergency Response System, all El Paso County employees are designated as Disaster Service Workers during a proclaimed emergency and may be required to train on emergency response and/or perform certain emergency services at the direction of their supervisor.


The Criminal Justice Director provides vision and leadership in administering all activities within the Office of Criminal Justice Coordination (CJC), to include evidence-based practices, collaboration with justice stakeholders, and provides coordination of criminal justice activities between the courts, the jail, judges, prosecutors, and defenders of El Paso County. The incumbent is also responsible for all administrative, personnel and department operations.
The Criminal Justice Director is specifically responsible for:
  • providing a clear vision and mission of the CJC to department staff, to include maximizing public safety, maximizing court appearance and maximizing the efficient and effective use of the jail pretrial;
  • providing initial screening and coordinating the flow of information to the magistrates, jailers, and service providers at the El Paso County Detention Facilities with respect to identifying persons in custody who are in need of mental health services as required by the Texas Code of Criminal Procedure;
  • overseeing the Personal Bond Office by:
    • coordinating its efforts to gather and review information about an accused that may have a bearing on whether the accused will comply with the conditions of bond;
    • reporting these findings to the magistrate or court before which the matter is pending;
    • overseeing the provision of pre-trial supervision for those placed on pre-trial personal recognizance bond, conditions of bond or conditions of release;
    • collecting of fees and statistical reporting in compliance with the Code of Criminal Procedure;  and
    • producing the statutorily required data and outcomes, in addition to recommending outcomes from NAPSA and known best practices;
  • gathering information to be used by the magistrates and courts for the determination of indigency and appointment of counsel to the indigent in accordance with the requirements of state and federal laws;
  • monitoring the jail population statistics and establishing procedures and controls to minimize unnecessary incarceration while maintaining compliance with State Jail Standards, and
  • overseeing electronic monitoring programs and other key services to the courts.
Organizational Relationships
Reports to:   Executive Director of Justice and Community Support

Directs:  Administrative oversight of entire department staff:  all pretrial services,                bond office and pretrial supervision unit, eligibility screening unit, population impact control unit for the El Paso County Detention Facilities. 

Other:  Establishes and maintains positive collaboration and communication with Commissioners Court, Judges, Elected Officials, Magistrates, Department Heads, county staff, vendors and consultants.



BENEFITS (Employer Sponsored & Voluntary)

Paid Time Off

Holidays: 16 holidays per year
Vacation Leave: 10 days per year, initially
Sick Leave: 10 days of sick leave per year.


Health                                                                                                                                        Basic Life Insurance
Dental  Insurance                                                                                                                     Vision Insurance
Employee Wellness Clinic
Short & Long-Term Disability
Retiree Health Insurance
Supplemental Life Insurance
Tax Deferred Dependent Care Program
Tax Deferred Medical Program
Tax Deferred Parking


Deferred Compensation
Retirement—Employee contributes 7% every pay period; account earns 7% compounded interest annually; employee is vested after 8 years of service; current County match at retirement is 250%

Miscellaneous Benefits

Direct Deposit
Employee Assistance Program
Healthy Lifestyle Reimbursement                                                                                         Educational Assistance Program




Amount of Pay:


Frequency of Pay:

per year

Other Qualifications:



Minimum Requirements: Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities
Knowledge of: Policies, practices, procedures and legal terminology related to court system; Federal, State, Local and County applicable laws, rules, regulations and applicable pretrial services standards and procedures; budget preparation and office management; grant writing; business letter writing, and report preparation; policies and procedures regarding the Office of Criminal Justice Coordination and employment matters; principles and practices of effective customer service; effective supervisory principles, practices, and techniques; English usage, grammar, punctuation and spelling; techniques for effective interpersonal communications; modern office procedures, methods and computer equipment to include Windows and Microsoft based products. Skill/Ability to: Interview clients; make sound recommendations, exercise excellent interpersonal, managerial and administrative skills; handle public scrutiny; lead and motivate subordinates; complete projects on time and within budget; communicate verbally and in writing with all levels of the organization;  deliver seamless customer service; manage contracts and perform project budgeting; operate personal computer using standard office operating software and general office equipment; prepare and maintain records, maintain filing systems, compile and organize information; promote program activities; make mathematical computations; prepare clear, concise and comprehensive written reports, and staff studies; explain complicated technical problems in simple non-technical language; solve problems and perform complex decision-making for developing effective solutions; communicate well both orally and in writing; make public presentations; work independently; exercise sound judgment and make decisions; manage time well and perform multiple tasks; organize diverse activities; perform in a fast-­paced and stressful environment, while maintaining a professional manner; and establish and maintain cooperative and effective relationships with those contacted during the course of work.

Each and every county position requires the following professional skills and abilities as key and necessary elements of performance:
  • Demonstrate regular and reliable attendance;
  • Work well with others and participate fully in a team oriented environment;
  • Interface with other employees and customers in a courteous and respectful manner;
  • Maintain strict confidentiality;
  • Project positive support of their department and all individuals receiving services at all times; and
  • Maintain and enhance the County's commitment to customer service excellence.



500 E. Overland
El Paso, TX 79901
Position #2017-00464


Minimum Education:


Total Years of Relevant Experience:


U.S. Citizenship:



Leadership/Managerial Supervisory









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