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Nebraska State Probation

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Problem Solving Court Treatment Probation Officer

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Job Description:

A Treatment Probation Officer is highly professional, flexible, independent and primarily responsible for the supervision of the highest risk to re-offend clients under the authority of the Chief Probation Officer. 


This position is responsible for the supervision of day-to-day activities of probation clients in the community who have substance use and mental health needs. The treatment officer develops case plans, provides case management and supervises the activities of probation clients in the community. 


Treatment Probation Officers collaborate with providers and stakeholders important to the success of clients and the Vision and Mission of Nebraska Probation System. 


Facilitates ongoing case staffing with Probation staff to confirm proper classification, assesses special needs and develops ongoing case plans to ensure all criminogenic factors are being addressed throughout the probationary period. Facilitates groups, which may include, but is not limited to, topical, supervision groups, cognitive programs or skill building, life skills enhancement and general education of probationers. Involve clients in early stages of behavioral change through motivational interviewing and targeted interventions. Provides strong case planning, case management and caseload management. Participates in the client treatment process and is engaged in client’s treatment through regular and ongoing communication with providers and through attendance at treatment groups and facilities, under the guidelines of the Standardized Model for the Delivery of Substance Use Services.


Assists in the development of safety, relapse prevention and transition plans. Develops needed community resources. Creates and maintains partnerships with identified community stakeholders. Conducts interviews and investigations as required by law or court; prepares for submission to the court or other entities various reports including presentence/pre-disposition investigations (PSI/PDI), PSI/PDI Updates, Supervision Overviews, Alleged Probation Violation reports and various other types of written correspondence.


Performs quality assurance reviews and conducts system quality control reviews of services provided in probation offices, reporting centers and/or service centers.


KNOWLEDGE, SKILLS AND ABILITIES:  Ability to match the probationer’s needs to appropriate services, i.e., substance use, mental health, medical, housing, employment and educational services, etc. Knowledge of laws and regulations pertaining to Probation work and the functions and procedures of courts involved. Has a strong understanding of Social Learning Theory, Criminal Thinking, Stages of Change and the importance of cognitive engagement and use of cognitive behavioral groups in case management. Utilizes appropriate caseload management practices.


Amount of Pay:


Frequency of Pay:

per month

Other Qualifications:

REQUIREMENTS: Master’s degree in social sciences with at least three years of experience providing case management and/or completion of investigations. Fully licensed in the State of Nebraska (or fully licensed in another state, meets Nebraska reciprocity requirements, and able to become fully licensed in Nebraska within one year) as a Mental Health Practitioner, Clinical Social Worker, Professional Counselor and/or Marriage and Family Therapist.  All educational credits must be granted from an accredited institution approved by the U.S. Dept. of Education.


PREFERRED: The ability to speak Spanish is desired but not required.


OTHER: Some positions may require specific knowledge or experience, or established progress toward certain degrees or licensure.


Minimum Education:


Total Years of Relevant Experience:


U.S. Citizenship:



Medical, Dental and Mental Health Services



Work Schedule:

1st Shift




Community Corrections



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