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Ascend Learning, Inc

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Security Manager

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Job Description:

At Ascend, we seek security managers who can plan, direct, and coordinate activities related to the protection, safeguarding, and security of students, employees, campus visitors, as well as school assets and property. The individual manages and supervises the daily operations of the security team and advises, makes recommendations, and assists in the formulation of goals and objectives as they relate to safety, security, and risk management. The security manager designs, implements, and monitors security, safety, and risk management policies, procedures, and programs, ensuring compliance with federal, state, and local regulations.

We look for safety personnel who are excited to embrace a restorative approach to discipline and who believe that family and community partnerships are crucial. We value leaders with a hunger for feedback and professional growth, and a dedication to excellence. Above all, we look for leaders who are passionate and committed to urban education and our ultimate goal of closing the achievement gap in Brooklyn.


Why extraordinary professionals choose Ascend


Ascend is a network of K-12 public charter schools serving 4,400 students across 10 schools in Central Brooklyn. Our mission is to lead our students on a great intellectual journey, providing them with an exceptional education and placing them firmly on the path to success in college and beyond.

We guide our students to think critically and independently and to enjoy education as an end in itself. We teach a rich and rigorous liberal arts curriculum that nurtures students' natural curiosity about the world. We foster a positive, non-punitive school culture where students feel connected, empowered, and safe to take academic risks. Even our school buildings are designed to reflect our high aspirations for teaching and learning and the notable accomplishments that occur within our walls.


To create this kind of vibrant learning community, we invest heavily in our faculty by providing ongoing professional training and support, and encourage our educators to collaborate closely and push each other to achieve great outcomes.


Visit our website to learn more about the Ascend approach.


The security manager supervises the day-to-day operations at one of our 12 locations to provide maximum safety and security for students, staff, and the school perimeter. Additionally, the security manager will:

  • Provide robust weekly training to security personnel
  • Train new security personnel on protocols, policies, and procedures
  • Serve as the school's security representative and maintains effective liaison with law enforcement agencies in the community
  • Coordinate local law enforcement or other agency training for staff throughout the school year
  • Partner with the director of building operations to deliver school-wide training on safety, security policies, and procedures at the start of each academic year
  • Serve as the interim or substitute point person for FDNY inspections if the director of building operations is unavailable
  • Serve as the interim or substitute incident commander in emergency situations that involve schools in the building
  • Be present during or dispatch appropriate personnel in emergency situations involving students or staff
  • Suggest external professional development opportunities for his/herself and security staff
  • Properly deescalate or offer intervention during emergency situations involving students
  • Ensure all aspects of the safety plan are followed with fidelity during drills
  • Manage the security master schedule to include the daily schedule of all assigned security personnel
  • Analyze school-wide systems on a regular basis and makes suggestions and recommendations when appropriate to increase safety when needed
  • Demonstrate and abide by Ascend's core values and operating principles

Staff and reporting relationships

The security manager reports directly to the director of operations (DOO) in a particular school building and oversees all security personnel.


  • A bachelor's degree
  • 5+ years experience in law enforcement may serve as a substitute for a bachelor's degree
  • Law enforcement or public safety experience; preferably experience with children
  • Possess strong project management skills
  • Demonstrated ability to lead a successful team
  • Possess strong interpersonal and communication skills
  • Demonstrated ability to deliver effective professional development sessions to security guards
  • Have highly developed problem-solving skills
  • Dependable and excellent follow-through; alignment with the educational philosophy at Ascend
  • Should hold or be able to obtain appropriate and applicable NYS public safety certifications
  • Must be able to complete and pass a background check

Diversity at Ascend

Ascend is committed to building a diverse and inclusive community, both through our hiring practices and our focus on creating a culture and environment where diverse perspectives, ideas, and identities are valued and integrated into our way of working and educating students. Ascend staff represent a wide diversity of racial, socio-economic, gender, religious, and national identities—opening a window to the entire Ascend community on the richness of humanity. We welcome all applicants who share our mission and vision to join us in our deeply consequential work.


Ascend offers a competitive salary and comprehensive benefits package.

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