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Hennepin County

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Drug Intelligence Officer

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Job Description:


Hennepin County Sheriff's Office (HCSO) Criminal Information Sharing & Analysis Unit is seeking a High Intensity Drug Trafficking (HIDTA) Drug Intelligence Officer. This position will perform a wide range of analysis of information relating to criminal activities in support of law enforcement and criminal investigations. 

Location and hours:
This position will be located at 701 4th Ave S. Suite 1060, Minneapolis, MN 55415. Typical work hours will be Monday through Friday 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

About the position type:
This position is a full-time limited duration (temporary) position lasting up to two years with benefits. 
In this position, you will:
  • Establish points of contact with key federal, state, and local drug law enforcement representatives to:
    • Promote awareness and utilization of the HIDTA Drug Intelligence Officer (DIO) Network especially as it relates to the Midwest area.
    • Promote awareness of priority intelligence requirements through coordinated meetings, training, and liaison outreach opportunities.
    • Coordinate the use of central databases for the timely exchange of information.
  • Implement the Felony Arrest Notification program to transmit information about all reported felony drug arrest incidents in Minnesota involving out of state residents to the respective HIDTA DIO in the other state and serve as conduit for interstate Requests for Information.
  • Conduct frequent interviews with authorities in law enforcement and public health sectors to better understand intrastate and interstate opioid markets and analyze drug use related data for possible distribution. 
  • Coordinate the collection and dissemination of relevant intelligence obtained from a variety of law enforcement and other sources to develop a timely and accurate picture of existing local drug markets.
  • Work with the North Central HIDTA statewide Public Health Analyst (PHA) to facilitate collaboration between public safety and public health entities, including data sharing, joint initiatives, and policy considerations.
  • Work within the North Central HIDTA Investigative Support Center (ISC) under the direction of the ISC supervisor to ensure coordination in the sharing and effective utilization of opioid overdose related information, intelligence and education using ODMAP as a primary tool.
  • Prepare extensive briefs, charts, graphs, and written reports as requested or needed, including monthly, quarterly and annual reports.


Amount of Pay:


Other Qualifications:

Need to have:
  • One of the following:
    • Bachelor's degree or higher in criminal justice, law enforcement, business/public administration, sociology, psychology, or a closely related field and one year or more of investigation or law enforcement experience.
    • Associate's degree or higher in one of the above fields and three years or more of investigation or law enforcement experience.
    • Four years or more of investigation or law enforcement experience.
  • Ability to abide by the Sheriff's Office Personal Appearance Standards Policy. You must read the entire policy and be able and willing to meet the requirements.

Nice to have:

  • A valid driver's license.
  • Experience:
    • In the law enforcement at the federal, state, or local level.
    • Supervising in multi-level narcotics investigations.
    • In data collection, analysis and interpretation.
    • In law enforcement operations focused on drug and gang related crime and criminal investigations.
  • Ability to obtain a federal level security clearance.
  • Ability to professionally represent programs and directors at law enforcement meetings and community forums.

Total Years of Relevant Experience:



Adjunct Services and Program Services for Defendants



Work Schedule:

1st Shift




Community Corrections