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Hennepin County

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Corrections Supervisor

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Job Description:



The Department of Community Corrections and Rehabilitation (DOCCR) is seeking a Corrections Supervisor to work at the County Home School (CHS). This position will supervise staff and work to ensure the security of the facility, control and safety of residents, and enforcement of Minnesota laws and DOCCR licensing standards. 
The County Home School is a state-licensed residential treatment center for juveniles ages 13 to 19, committed by the court for felony level offenses. The County Home School provides a safe, secure, and healthy environment on a 167 acre site in Minnetonka. The campus includes residential cottages, a school with gymnasium, an administration office and services building, and recreational areas. Residents are committed by the Juvenile Court to one of the following programs: Short Term Adolescent Male Treatment Program (STAMP), Long Term Adolescent Male Treatment Program, Adolescent Female Treatment Program (Focus), or Adolescent Family Sex Offender Health Services Program (AFSHS).

Location and hours:
This position is located at the Hennepin County Home School located at 14300 County Road 62 Minnetonka, MN 55345. There is no public transportation to this location. 

This position is subject to 12-hour shifts and hours will vary. The schedule may include rotating weekends and holidays. Applicants indicating limited availability will not be considered.

About the position type: 
This position is a part-time benefit earning position. 

In this position, you will:
  • Supervise the activities of staff and residents to ensure security of the facility and control and safety of residents and model social behavior to residents by asking and responding to questions appropriately, with the ability to manage stressful situations calmly and according to policy.
  • Participate in the hiring process, which includes staff selection and training, and evaluating and managing employee performance and ensure adequate staffing coverage by managing the shift office schedules and providing coverage for assignments as necessary.
  • Administer and enforce the employer/employee labor agreement, Human Resources rules, the Department of Community Corrections and Rehabilitation and County Home School policies, and actively support the overall mission of the County Home School and the Department of Community Corrections and Rehabilitation.
  • Act as a liaison to the public (families) and County Home School in a professional manner; establish and maintain professional relationships with staff/public/residents/stakeholders, etc.
  • Write and review reports, ensuring the reports are thorough and accurate.
  • Determine the disposition of minor resident disciplinary actions, verify resident release data, prepare reports, and assist in physical restraints, and control resisting and uncooperative residents.

Amount of Pay:


Frequency of Pay:

per hour

Other Qualifications:

Need to be 21 years or older and have:

  • One of the following:
    • Bachelor's degree or higher in corrections, law enforcement, or related criminal justice or behavioral/social science field.
    • Two or more years of full-time college or vocational/technical coursework in one of the fields listed above and two or more years of full-time equivalent work experience as a correctional officer, juvenile correctional officer, or in a position providing direct care to high-risk youth in a residential facility.
    • Four or more years of full-time experience as a correctional officer, juvenile correctional officer, or in a position providing direct care to high risk youth in a residential facility.
    • Note: Completion of an Evidence-Based Practice Corrections Professional Certificate from an approved school may be substituted for one year of relevant coursework or experience. One year of experience as a lead worker in a correctional facility may be substituted for two years of the experience listed above.
  • A valid driver's license and the ability to obtain a Hennepin County Driver's Permit.

Nice to have:

  • Lead worker or supervisory experience in a correctional or residential treatment facility.
  • Experience:
    • Providing direct counseling and/or case management services to clients in one of the following settings: corrections, chemical dependency, mental health, developmental disabilities, social work, and/or victims services.
    • Providing direct counseling and/or case management services to sex offenders or other involuntary clients.
    • Utilizing motivational interviewing.
    • With Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel.

Total Years of Relevant Experience:



Adjunct Services and Program Services for Defendants



Work Schedule:

Rotating Shift




Community Corrections



Application Deadline: