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With What Types of Correctional Agencies Can I Find Employment?

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If you're considering a career in corrections, there are many different types of administrating agencies that may be able to offer you employment. We’re providing you with a quick run-down of some of those options to check into.

10 Surprising Reasons Why You May Not Get Hired in Corrections

Not hiring YOU at this time

Sometimes being passed up for a job is not due to a lack of experience, weak resume or poor interview skills. There may be other factors that are holding you back— maybe things that you never even considered. We’re thinking outside of the box and sharing some surprising reasons that you may not be getting the job and what you can do about it.

Where can You Find a Job in Corrections?

Yes, We're Hiring!

Considering corrections as a career? Find out what specific correctional positions look most promising for future growth and what states provide the best job prospects.


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