Corrections is one of the few fields that offers you the opportunity to serve your community, keep citizens safe and truly change people’s lives. Whether you’re interested in working within institutional correctional facilities (prisons, jails and detention centers) or the community corrections arena (probation, parole and pretrial services), there are a variety of ways you can contribute to your community within this dynamic and exciting field. The Corrections field employs individuals with interests and backgrounds in criminal and juvenile justice; education; medical, dental, and mental health services; policy, research, planning and evaluation; maintenance and operational services; office management; accounting and finance; human resources; nutrition and food services; and information and technology, just to name a few. Please read four important reasons why you should consider entering the Corrections field today.

Making a Difference

Corrections is a critical component of the justice system. A career in Corrections requires dedication, perseverance, integrity and a commitment to working with and supervising individuals who enter the justice system. The rewards can be highly gratifying as you find ways to help people make real life changes that enable them to assume more positive roles within their families and communities.

Opportunities for Growth

The field of Corrections is packed with opportunities for lifelong professional and personal growth. Demonstrating leadership, initiative, and responsibility opens doors for challenging assignments and career advancement. On-going training and quality staff supervision are also prevalent. In general, Corrections strives to maximize the potential of each employee by creating a productive environment shaped by individuals of varied life experiences, where multicultural differences are valued and everyone is treated with respect and dignity.

Dynamic Work Environments

Corrections work brings you into contact with individuals whose life choices and conditions may challenge and inspire you at the same time. If you’re interested in a career where no two days are the same, and you enjoy finding new ways to effectively use your skills, Corrections may just be the career path for you.

Employment in the Corrections field is ideal for individuals who thrive in an atmosphere that is far from routine and never tedious. Employees must be able to quickly evaluate new situations and people to determine the most effective approach or response. At times, exerting authority and firmness will be the appropriate response, while minutes later another situation may best be solved through empathic listening and personal guidance.

Financial Stability

A career in Corrections can provide you and your family with stable employment and financial security. Corrections organizations attract and retain committed employees by making an effort to provide competitive salaries and comprehensive benefit packages. Benefits may include health insurance, short-term disability insurance and paid days off. Visit the Occupational Outlook Handbook on the United States Department of Labor website to see general salary ranges for a variety of positions within the Corrections arena.

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