Changing Careers?

career workersIf you’re thinking about a career change, Corrections may be a path to consider. In fact, professionals from many different backgrounds translate their existing knowledge and skill sets to the Corrections arena. Teachers, nurses, doctors, dentists, counselors, human resources professionals, social workers, nutritionists and food service workers, information and technology professionals, accountants, and more have moved from other industries into Corrections. Many people seeking a path to continued career development transfer from the private sector or the military/other government organizations. The benefits, advancement opportunities, job satisfaction and security are all attractive incentives associated with working in Corrections.

Here are just a few of the many roles you could assume:
  • You can work as an inmate supervisor in a living unit or work site.
  • You can be a teacher or a vocational instructor in a correctional facility.
  • You can be a counselor in a correctional facility or in the community working with individuals under community supervision.
  • You can be a probation/parole officer working in the community.
  • You can be recreation supervisor.
  • You can be a building trades worker or supervisor.
  • You can be a maintenance worker or supervisor
  • You can be a K-9 handler at a prison or large jail
  • You can provide medical or dental services to inmates.

Beginning a second career in Corrections can be satisfying and rewarding, and it can provide you with a secure future. With so many possible job options to choose from, we’re sure you’ll be able to find a position that suits your skill set perfectly.

Be sure to explore the main disciplines or learn about various types of positions in the field of Corrections.

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